January 23, 2019

Benefits of Composite & The Composite Panel Systems

Versatility: These panels can be used on almost every building on every project. They can be installed inside and outside these buildings. They can be cut to the perfect size making them great for all projects. Being cut allows any project to have the desired scale.

Wide Range of Styles & Finishes: There are over 250 styles and finishes available just at our location. They can be flat or have many varying ridges. They come in various finishes including metallic and solid. All the colour choices will accommodate any of your design needs.

Choice of Materials: Any type of material you choose will guarantee an added aesthetic. Choices can be made from zinc, varying types of steel, aluminum, and copper. Each choice can also bring a key aspect in your decision. For example, zinc has a strong resistance to corrosion, therefore, it is a good choice for the exterior.

Sustainability: Many of the metal panels contain an amount of post-consumer recycled content. This reduces waste and being made from common metals they are easily recyclable after their long and useful life.

Durability: The metal panels are extremely durable for all weather conditions. Hail or even flying objects are not easily damaging to this resistant material. It also protects from water damages outdoors or indoors, especially when compared to composites like drywall.

Reduced Weight: When used on the exterior, these metal panels easily surpass materials such as concrete when it comes to being lightweight. Being lighter allows for lower costs and less complex installation requirements.

Malleability: Unlike normal production products such as drywall or concrete, these metal panels can be easily moulded into complex shapes. They are either easily conformed or specifically engineered in order to fit these custom shapes. This offers a large mass of design possibilities.

Ease of Installation: Other materials can be very labour-intensive. This poses slow and expensive processes. With the possibility of shaping large, lightweight sections the area covered is a much greater one. If you are looking for a quick turn-around this is definitely the material needed.

Cost: When using cladding, the cost savings are significant when compared to other motives such as concrete. Not only do you save on the material cost, but also the labour times which are shortened. When comparing the durability, it is clear that the cost is well worth it. The panels will last you much longer than your typical design materials.

These are just a few of the many benefits that the architectural metal panels have to offer. They are a great choice for any job. They can be the perfect way to create a modern look for your building or to create design features that draw attention to your company. The cost savings and the durability are extremely attractive to become a necessity for your upcoming projects.