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View our mission statement & the pride that comes with us.

Our Goal

We ensure customer satisfaction in the quality of our designs and craftsmanship, but above all, it is to instil confidence and assurance in the quality of our customer service and relationships.

Our Mission

We treat our customers as part of our family and believe this is the reason for our ever increasing team of return customers.

Our Commitment

It is our firm belief that our commitment to customer care and the combination of our detailed experience in all aspects of cladding installation are what sets us above the pack as the #1 choice for clients requiring a complete range of cladding solutions.

Our Innovation

We strive to create fluidity from design to fabrication and into installation, as we offer a full range of service, incorporating all of these aspects.

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Composite Benefits

Aluminum composite material overview

Our ACM materials, continuously offer many first-class benefits that attract a variety of customers. The composite always exceeds expectation in many areas. These areas include cost savings, ease of installation, malleability, reduced weight, durability, a range of styles and finishes, sustainability, a choice of material, and versatility. Our team shapes these panels into your custom cladding needs. Please view our composite benefits page for more in-depth details.


We continue to push the architectural limits and are extremely proud of all our projects.
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Wurth Head Office

Guelph, ON
A unique design, combining many integral custom pieces with a big focus on the ever-dazzling colour, red. A guaranteed eye-catching favourite to anyone.
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Vanauley YMCA

Toronto, ON
The extremely appealing choice of various colours adds a large pop to this YMCA. Known for its fun activities indoor, we made the outdoor convey the same pleasant appearance.
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City One Centre

Kitchener, ON
This outstanding model of craftsmanship truly shows the versatility of our materials. Being lightweight the panels allow the ability to easily create a truly sky-scraping masterpiece.
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Red Ginger Devs.

Oakville, ON
This multi-building project is on a level of its own. A condominium site that offers elegance and attention to detail every step of the way.